Finding Powerful Topics for an Academic Essay

One of skills you will learn by writing an essay is asking the right questions in order to provide a powerful topic with the answers that satisfy both you and the reader. There’s no worse feeling than the sinking in the pit of your stomach over a thesis that went unfulfilled. All essay topics are created equal, but the ability to complete an essay in a responsible manner is a skill worth having.

Ask away!

  • Before you even begin to write, you were ASKED to find a topic. Are you satisfied with your answer?
  • Now that you have your topic, what is it you are seeking answers to? Focused questions from the very start will make writing this essay so much easier.
  • For now, forget about the answers, because you won’t know them until you have asked the questions that compile the information vital to reaching your conclusion.

You knew this was coming, so don’t pout. You must do research.

Prove it!

  • Research has so many benefits. For starters, you aren’t very responsible if you don’t research a topic. (The creative writing class meets in the room next door.)
  • Doing research can pull you into a topic even further by finding a different angle you would prefer to take.
  • If not, researching will refine and streamline the focus of your questions. So, if you are asking a specific question, diligent research will help you as the writer reach a solid conclusion. It will also satisfy the reader by answering the questions you were tasked with.

Your foundation is set, hopefully. If this is a powerful topic, one that you are particularly passionate for or have some vested interest in, chances are you know which questions you want to ask. That said, let’s take a look at what’s “trending now”.

Who cares?

  • Healthcare is a hot topic...still
  • Gun control advocates and nay-sayers continue to shoot blanks
  • Phablets. Half phone, half tablet.

The most important thing to remember when writing about a powerful or sensitive topic is how important it is to remain objective and show respect towards those with a point of view that differs from yours. To maintain your integrity as well as essay form in general, proper research and thoughtful questions are needed to ensure that your essay will be as powerful as your topic.

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