How to Write an MLA Format Essay: A Manual for Beginners

If you are writing an MLA format essay you may not be sure where to start. Thankfully MLA is one of the most commonly used formats in literature and the academic world which makes it quite popular and therefore easy to learn. MLA simply refers to the way you reference your sources and format the text. Consider the example below of an MLA format essay:





The Bad Sleep Well (1960) Review

Akira Kurosawa makes a large political statement condemning the corporate corruption which developed after the Second World War. The film portrays the director’s feeling of the hopelessness which had become humanity. He spoke deeply of a lack of optimism which had been replaced by vengeance and futility. The film effectively condemned all of those who worked within the corporate world and made profits at the expense of humanity and the greater good. He was convinced that the struggle of modern man against those in charge was futile. The Bad Sleep Well told the overall story of the intricate nature of a revenger and his strategy while also framing the corruption of corporations. The righteous obsession really hit home as it foundered on the unpredictable nature of reality.

The film stars Toshiro Mifune as Koichi Nishi who finds himself distraught once his father passes. He blames his father’s demise on the corporate, cut throat environment in which he worked. He sought to avenge the senseless death of his father by tampering with every person who ever wronged him. He begins with the baker who made the wedding cake for him, asking that the cake be crafted as a reminder of the darkest secrets for all of those people in attendance.

The film appeared to be the representation of humanity, stressed and anxious, distraught by the social community in which it now lived. The drama is seemingly a comedy at times as well with bits of wit thrown in to express the cynicism which mocked all happy endings and altruistic intentions. The film seems to reflect Hamlet well as it opens with a wedding banquet for the executive of Public Corporation for Land Development. The reporters are there to deliver updates on the key figures of the ceremony and the death of an employee for the Public Corporation.

This film mixed close ups with sharp cuts and compositions which were bifurcated to express the divisions within the celebration as well as the oppression and tension. When the police arrive to arrest the accountant, a toast is given which rings like a court testimony. The wedding cake arrives in that moment which is shaped like the Public Corporation building. On the cake is the red rose from the window out of which Furuya had jumped.

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