Bad Habits

We understand the difference between good habits and bad ones, not by observing our actions, but by knowing how we arrive at our decision to perform those acts. Beside the ethical and moral pillars of good conduct found in legislation and certain religious concepts that is adhered to by most citizens, some still find no alternative but to engage in negative actions to get by in life. When an individual constantly chooses these questionable or bad actions with sufficient frequency, they tend to influence the habits of the person which in turn, changes the overall character of the person.

Because society assumes a natural condemnation of these destructive decisions people make and the penalties implemented by law that lessen the occurrence of these decisions, people consider deeply the consequences of such actions and usually choose another avenue to achieve their goal. This is not always the case in some countries where social upheaval and economic instability occurs.

A bad habit can be seen as a course of action that increases the risk of an individual, for example, smoking can lead to cancer, not after the first cigarette but its constant use. Another characteristic of this type of decision is that it produced no tangible reward for the doer. They may experience some emotional gratification but that may be short lived if complications pertaining to the action arises. A third characteristic of a bad habit is the ability it has to affect people and the environment, for example, littering. When plastic bottles are thrown into the drainage system it can clog the passages and cause floods to the entire area affecting those who don’t practice these actions. Plants and animals will have to adjust their instinctual lifestyles to survive but this is not always the case.

In today’s world there are different social circles which subscribe to different modes of conduct. When these groups meet, they quickly learn of similarities and uniqueness of each other. Sometimes one section of people has a cultural practice that others find disgusting or insulting and if a resolution cannot be made, tension and animosity can grow halting future dealings among them. In the end, there isn’t one governing set of regulations that could classify all actions as either good or bad. If it were so, many of the freedoms of certain cultures could be subjected to corrective measures thus, suppressing the natural expression of man.

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