Admission essay writing tricks – Clichés to avoid

Writing a college essay is a rite of passage for every high school senior and there each person needs to look deep within them to find a way to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the expression that is going to be stated in the college essay. One of the most distressing mistakes is to use a large number of clichés in your writing, because they will show a real unoriginality and cause your real message to be missed. The reason to avoid these over used phrases and topics is because all of the admissions personnel are going to be reading hundreds of essays and if yours sounds exactly the same as everyone else then there is no reason to choose you over someone else. Your personal essay is your moment to shine, not move to the back of the line carrying your clichés with you. There are a lot of clichés that you simply must avoid in order to give yourself the best chance of getting admitted.

One of the most overused clichés is to begin your essay with a famous quote. A large percentage of college hopefuls start their essays this way. The thought is that the famous quotes will represent something that is inside of you and represent your character, but this should be shown within the context of the writing and the stories that you describing about the accomplishments that you have had. Stay away from using someone else’s thoughts, famous or not to describe or add to your personal essays.

Another cliché is to write about all of the charity work. This needs to be avoided when it comes to the description of the work. All college potentials know that community service is a must in order to get into a prominent school. What needs to be original is the manner in which it is explained. Many students list off their volunteer activities as if they were the subject on a resume. This shouldn’t be the case. When you describe these things it should be by describing the value of each experience on your life. What did you learn? How were you changed? Stay away from listing your actions as if they are something that you did simply because you had to do it. Explain it like community service was a personal choice.

When you are writing an essay that is going to represent you to any group that is in charge of admissions, then remember to use your originality and creativeness to explain who you are authentically to the reader. Don’t follow a path of worn out clichés but blaze a trail that leads to your own accomplishments.

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