5 Great Tips For Picking The Best Research Paper Topics

Picking a great topic for your next research assignment need not keep you awake at night! Read on to pick up some helpful hints on choosing a subject that is sure to get you the grade you want.

  1. Choose A Topic You Are Already Familiar With

    You do not want to pick a specific subject that you have already worked extensively on. That said, sticking to a field or discipline in which you already have a fair amount of background knowledge is a wise move. You will save time on research, you will already know where to find new sources, and your tone will be confident and authoritative as you compose your paper.

  2. Find An Angle Or Approach that Fascinates You

    Take the necessary time to find a unique or original approach to your topic. You will write more convincingly, and with greater passion, if you truly enjoy learning about the subject at hand. Look through your favourite journals and magazines, and go back to papers that earned you As. They may help inspire you to brainstorm an awesome approach to a terrific topic.

  3. Keep The Topic Of A Manageable Scope And Size

    Don't bit off more than you can intellectually chew! A common mistake that students make when deciding on a topic for their research assignment is to choose one that is too broad. It it is a controversial area of inquiry, pick one position to argue. Don't try and cover all the different opinions, and an array of arguments in what hot button issue.

  4. Do Preliminary Research

    It is a very good idea to do some preliminary research before finalising your research paper topic. You want to be certain that you will have access to solid sources and good background research. Google your topic to see what is out there, and check in at your school's library. If you know the name of an expert in your field of study/topic, try searching to see what material he or she has published.

  5. Ask Your Instructor Or Course Supervisor For Feedback

    Consulting with your instructor before you begin work on an assignment can be useful, especially if you have any doubts about the subject you have selected for your work. They may be able to suggest and angle that had not occurred to you, and may know of others in your field doing similar research. Alternatively, if another student has already selected a topic very close to the idea you had in mind, your supervisor may be able to help you put your own unique spin on the subject of your research.

Good Luck!

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