How to Come Up with Good Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

Cause and effect essays analyze the reasons and consequences of people’s decisions, events, and actions. The authors should stick to a certain essay structure and choose strong evidence to support their conclusions. This kind of essay is easy to prepare if you come up with a good topic. It makes sense to learn the sample topics; some of them are provided below. Note that there are three main types of cause and effect essays, so it is necessary to identify them and write according to the proper paper’s structure.

Cause Essays Topics

The following essays examine the reasons why something takes place. Ultimate causes may be hidden and not transparent, while immediate causes are closer to the effect and therefore easier to describe. The former usually launches a casual chain. If you are writing about a casual chain, the structure of an essay should follow the chronological order. The first paragraph should provide information about the event’s background, and the second one describes the most evident effect; the rest develops the chain.

Read the following cause essay topics examples:

  • Why does the placebo effect work?
  • How can breastfeeding prevent allergies?
  • Why do people feel happy taking care of their pets?
  • Why are computer users better learners?
  • Do international agreements prevent armed conflicts?
  • Why do students want to be doctors and lawyers?

Effect Essay Topics

The essays reveal the effects that happened because of a situation, people’s choice, or an incident. For example:

  • What effect does a computer have on a teenager’s sociability?
  • Do the bad habits of parents influence the children’s development?
  • What causes a company’s [the company title] popularity?
  • Does online shopping cause individuals to spend more time choosing the products?
  • Why does social media lose popularity in some countries?
  • What are the main effects of global warming, and how can people deal with them?

Cause and Effect Essays Topics

An essay in cause/effect form is composed rather simply. An introduction presents a thesis statement and describes a research subject. Body paragraphs explore the most influential cause and other relevant effects; the last paragraph concludes the relationships. Some supervisors ask students to focus on the effect, while others are more precise about the causes, so make sure you have understood the task.

The sample topics might include:

  • What is the effect of traditions on human behavior?
  • What effect does aerobics have on early pregnancy?
  • What causes youths to drop school?
  • How does child obesity influence the level of confidence?
  • What causes people to get nervous disorders?
  • What effect does open cast mining have on the landscape?

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