Delayed Disclosure in Child Sexual Abuse

Delayed disclosure in child sexual abuse cases is a potential threat to the increment in child sexual abuse rate. The child sexual abuse involves the molestation of a child by an adult or elder individual for his or her sexual stimulation. Adults use or force the child to be involved in the different sexual activities and they use the child for their sexual arousal or stimulation instigated by the bad touch or indecent exposure of the genitals to the child. An adult for his/her sexual gratification, he/she can misuse a child. Child can also be abused for the child pornography.

The children get abused usually at the age when they even do not know what is happening to them. Child does not have the consciousness about the good touch and bad touch. The children with more than five to seven years old, their family environment or their communication gap with their parents do not allow them to disclose this type of event in front of their parents. The suppression of such kind of traumatic experiences, latter on, results in serious mental health problems.

The dilemma of the day is that the child sexual abuse is considered as a taboo behavior and many families avoid reporting the child abuse cases in spite of their full knowledge about the event. Many people with considering their rapport on stake, they usually ignore or deliberately deny from the reporting the child abuse case. Most of the times, the abuser is the elder family member, father, uncle, cousin or other close relative, so people also hesitate to disclose the case. The fact is being ignored badly that child sexual abuse is very disturbing and conflicting for the child and he/she will carry the effect of this abuse throughout his/her life. Child sexual abuse can be one of the major causes of later on abnormal sexual behavior in adulthood or it can also be the factor for psychological conflicts and can lead towards the serious mental disturbance. Instead of hiding or concealing the fact, people or families should report the child abuse cases as soon as possible. The in time reporting of the child sexual abuse cases will help in taking the solution focused measures. The organizations working for the human rights, women rights, children rights will be able to take action against the offenders and can also provide shelter as well as mental comfort to the victim.

So, as long as the disclosure of the child abuse case is delayed there are greater chances of increment in the rate of child sexual abuse.

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