Where to look for IB extended essay help?

If you’ve been sitting on your IB extended essay assignment for awhile now and the deadline is quickly approaching, you may be getting a little bit anxious. After all an IB essay is worth a huge grade percentage and it determines whether or not you will receive your diploma. Whether or not you’re a serious academic or someone who just doesn’t want to do their senior year a second time an extended essay is fairly important for you to complete.

No amount of dogs eating your homework, or forged parent signatures is going to get you out of this one.

Who Can Help You Write your extended essay?

Maybe you have been working hard on your IB essay and just not getting anywhere (not everyone is a born writer after all). If you want to get the darn thing done, and hopefully get a decent grade (fingers crossed) then you may want to get some external help so that your essay isn’t a flop.

Start A Study Group or Enlist a Study Buddy

Don’t forget that your peers are working on their final essays as well, maybe a little bit of social homeworking is the solution? Get together in a quiet area, library, or somebody’s house and work together. You can shoot ideas off of one another and share insights.

Once everyone has completed their drafts, it is also a good idea to do a proofreading circle, so that you can catch each other’s mistakes before handing the papers in for grading. It is a good exercise in learning to work together; after all two heads are better then one.

Make An Appointment With You Instructor

I hate to say it, but teachers aren’t just figureheads and ideally they should be willing to help you succeed with the writing process. Make an appointment for some one on one consulting on your essay.

Some instructors may be willing to read your project over and give you a pre-grade so you know what you can improve upon.

Remember that the teacher isn’t going to come to you, but they do admire a student with initiative. They’ll give you all the help you need if you ask.

Go Online

The last resort, which is especially useful if it’s the night before the deadline and you’re in a pinch is the Internet. Online there are many homework help and IB essay writing tips and samples for you to look at. If you have the time you can even hire a professional online writing services to edit or complete your paper…. But more about that later.

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