Brain Tumor Research Paper Writing

Sitting in med class, there is a paper coming up. The only details that you have are that it needs to be on brain tumors.

Here are three websites that will help you succeed in writing a great paper on brain tumors:

American Society of Clinical Oncology

What are they about:

It is website that is for the American Society of Clinical Oncology. On their website, they explain brain cancer, what some of the types are, what treatments are available, and basic information that a patient and their families need to know.

How does this help for a research paper:

By being able to understand the different types of cancer and treatments, it can help a person be knowledgeable in the area of treatments and be able to explain in simple terms what it means for the patient.


What is the website about:

They are sharing information about a possible new treatment that could be available soon for those that are suffering from tumors that are not responsive to chemotherapy and radiation.

How does this help for a research paper:

If the writer is writing a paper on possible treatments and cures that have been discovered in the last five years, then this would be a site to look at. It explains about the animal testing they have been doing and what the results have been like so far and their predictions for the future.

American Cancer Society

What is the website about:

It is a great resource when trying to find information out about the types of cancer as well as who it affects, possible signs, where to get treatment, and types of treatment.

How does this help for a research paper:

If the writer has decided to possibly do it on children and how cancer affects them, particularly brain tumors, then this would be a great place to start. By keeping up on the latest research in cancer treatments as well as what new ones they have discovered, it keeps the writer knowledgeable, which in turn means the more articles they can write on the subject. A writer being knowledgeable on the subject means that they can become a “expert” in that field and can provide quality articles. In this case, if they decide to do it on childhood cancer, they can get the latest developments in the research and write a better research paper.

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