How To End A Research Paper In A Proper Way

It can be said that there are three major components of any research paper. These components are the introduction, the main points or body of the paper, and finally the conclusion. Each of these three components is important. But when it comes to the conclusion, the end of your research paper, there are certain steps you can take to ensure you write a really successful conclusion. There is an old show business saying that ‘you should always leave them [the audience] wanting more’. This is just as relevant when it comes to the writing of your research paper. The reader should feel satisfied that what they have read is really good and they, the reader, would like to know more.

Summarise your main points. This is where your writing skills really come to the fore. The fewer words you use the better. Do not go into great detail but definitely mention each separate point you have made in the body of your paper. You are there to tell the reader what they have read. This is a principle used in selling. You go over the benefits and then close the sale. What the conclusion in your research paper does is pretty much the same thing.

Make your final sentence one to remember. It could be a statement which reinforces the argument of your thesis. It could be a question designed to make the reader think about all that has gone before. But whatever you write make your final sentence a killer.

Don't be repetitive. One way to avoid repetition is to give each of the points you wish to make a number. By using such words as first and second, etc., you keep yourself on track. You avoid repetition.

Do not introduce something new. This is not the place for additional or new information. A conclusion is a summary, is a summing up of what has gone before.

Make sure the conclusion reads like the conclusion. Give it the feeling of reaching the end. Write it in such a way that the reader can easily see they have come to the end of the research paper. Do not launch out onto a different tangent. Be consistent. You will have established a certain tone throughout your research paper. It is essential that you maintain this tone throughout the conclusion and finish on a high.

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