How To Write A Research Paper Bibliography Correctly: Vital Advice

Bibliography writing is most students’ worst nightmare. What format do you use, how do you compile all the sources you’ve referenced, what about different types of references for books as opposed to, for instance, articles? There are so many questions that are not answered in your course guide book, but that are so essential to know in order to write your research paper bibliography correctly. Here, therefore, is some vital advice about getting it perfect.

Select your format

Some universities and schools use particular formats, and you will need to follow their rules exactly. Find out if there is a particular format and make sure you understand it and what order everything needs to be in. You can do this by doing an internet search in Google, for example, using the format name as a keyword and the word ‘example’. You’ll find plenty of samples of that particular type of formatting. If there is no specification, however, then you can feel free to write your bibliography in the way you see fit. Just remember to be consistent!

Write down references as you go

There is nothing more depressing or more stressful than getting to the end of your research paper with everything written and completed except the bibliography. Now comes the long process of remembering and writing down everything you referenced throughout your entire piece of writing. It’s a nightmare. However, there is a way to avoid this. Quite simply, write down the reference of what you are citing as you go, and add it to the bibliography as soon as you reference or quote it. It sounds obvious, but so many people forget to do it. It really makes things much less stressful in the end!

Ask someone to check your work

When you send your work to your tutor to look through, ask them also to comment on your referencing style and a section of your bibliography. Of course, your tutor will have done this so many times before that it will be second nature to them. They will be able to spot a mistake a mile away and will happily point it out to you and give you advice on how to make things clearer and better. So don’t be afraid to send them your citations and references to check through, as well as the rest of your writing. The worst they can say, after all, is ‘no’!

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