How to Ensure Great Dissertation Results

Writing a dissertation doesn’t have to be a daunting task. The key is breaking down the assignment into smaller parts and using your time wisely.  There are sample you can review to get an idea of the finished product, which can be a motivator in getting your content written.  A variety of study guides are available online that help provide examples depending on subject manner.  The following tips can give you an idea on areas to focus on in working towards successfully completing your assignment.

  • Know the parts or sections that make up the dissertation.  In presenting a competed assignment you don’t want to leave out anything.  Understand what information should be presented in each part.  Note what is required for the assignment; word count, reference list, abstract, chapters, appendices, etc.
  • Use study guides to help you complete each section.  There are guides that provide a checklist you can follow to ensure each part is being completed.  Read over the study guide material prior to research.  It may give hints on how to start your outline.
  • Use data that clearly answers your question or thesis.  This means focus on results that are considered pertinent information that acts as solid evidence.  When you present the information make sure it is concise so readers can follow through.
  • Avoid presenting too much information.  Usually you would think the more the better; not exactly.  You want readers to center in on what you think is important. 
  • Have pictures or graphs to help display your information.  If you feel any photos you have can be a strong representation of what you are trying to accomplish, they should speak for you.  Graphs and tables can effectively display trends. Talk about graphs and tables you include; if you feel they are not worth sharing or discussing within your dissertation then don’t bother to include it.
  • Make sure you don’t leave out details.  Missing details could convey a different message, bring complication to the reader.  When you conduct research its common to collect a vast amount of information; just be careful not to leave out something that may carry significance to your thesis. 
  • Make your results easy and simple to understand for the reader.  Use percentages instead of ratios; 50% versus 50 out of 100 people is a prime example.
  • Briefly describe results instead of going into a full discussion with them.  Remember you a section (discussion) that helps you provide additional details about your results.

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