Coming Up With Impressive Doctoral Dissertation Topics

A doctoral dissertation can take a year to accomplish and is a requirement to receive your Ph.D. in your field of study.  The dissertation for your doctoral degree is the last step after completing your coursework and exams for your degree.  Now you have to come up with an impressive topic that will ensure your success.  There are some ways that you can choose the right dissertation topic and if you use these suggestions, you will be able to choose an impressive topic for your doctoral dissertation.

How Come Up With an Impressive Doctoral Dissertation Topic

  • Look back on all of the work that you have done over the years during your studies.  What area made you the most enthusiastic about learning?  This area might be the one that would make an impressive topic, and doing a topic you are excited about will come across in your dissertation.
  • Make a list of these areas that you have studied and look down the list and see which ones made you excited to do more research on.  This list will help you narrow down your topic and start your research.
  • Take the area that makes you excited and start reading everything you can on the subject.  Reading lots of material will help you narrow down your topic that you will be doing your dissertation on.
  • You want your dissertation to be innovative and win you prizes, but most dissertations don’t.  Your research should be different than others that have covered the subject but don’t expect to have a complete original topic as most have already been done.
  • You can do this by looking a topic that has been done before and giving it a new perspective.  Showing a new light to familiar topic can make your topic more original.
  • Make sure you read all of the research on the topic that includes new and old research.  You want to have all the information before you start writing.
  • When you are researching, analyze the text; this will help you find different angles for your dissertation.
  • As you analyze the text look for gaps in the research that has been done.  This could be were you could pick up the slack and start your research on.
  • You might want to pick a topic that is impressive now, but has the potential to be more impressive in the future.  This could be the focus of your future work in the conclusion of your dissertation.
  • Having future work that could be done on the subject will also help you in getting your dissertation proposal approved so you can write you dissertation on that topic.

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