Criminal Justice Thesis Topics For a PhD

How Juvenile Delinquency Rates Can Be Decreased

In this topic you can talk about innovative ways that juvenile delinquency rates can be decreased so that at-risk youth will have a better future. One thing you can discuss is the lack of male role models in the lives of teenage boys and how this can be reversed in several ways. Talk about how local nonprofit organizations that are led by former prisoners who are now leading better lives can partner with high schools and juvenile detention centers to offer counseling and job training resources for the kids.

Employment Discrimination Towards Former Prisoners

This is a huge problem for all former prisoners and this shouldn't be a difficult research project since scholars are always writing on this topic every few years. The key is to approach this topic from an angle that other scholars haven't approached it from. For example, you can write a dissertation on the difficulty of military veterans who were imprisoned for crimes committed while in the military and who received dishonorable discharge for minor infractions. These persons experience double discrimination because there are employers who won't hire military veterans or former prisoners. Talk about how this only adds to the anger and frustration that  veterans feel after leaving the military.

Is Community Policing A Good Thing Or A Sign of Tyranny?

Some criminal justice experts say that community policing is beneficial in crime-ridden neighborhoods because it allows citizens to immediately alert the authorities if they see any hints of  a potential crime in the area. However, other experts don't agree with community policing because the neighbors can easily use this tool as a form of bullying other neighbors by falsely accusing them of crimes that they didn't commit. For example, if a neighbor sees a child with minor scratches on her arm and she sees that the mother is not well groomed, the neighbor may be too quick to call the authorities and claim that the mother committed child abuse. The experts also say that this is a tool that tyrannical governments use to control the population. You can write a dissertation that argues for or against community policing.

What If The United States Entered Martial Law And What Can We Learn from Other Dictatorships?

America may be for the most part a free nation but after the Sep. 11 terrorist attacks and the recent widespread mass shootings at movie theaters and schools, is it possible that the United States could one day enter a lengthy period of martial law and if so, what could America learn from past dictatorships? This can be the main topic of your dissertation and in the paper you should also discuss how the current economic climate and instability among the residents may produce ripe conditions for martial law in the country. Discuss how other nations survived martial law such as Brazil's military dictatorship in the 1960s and Argentina's dictatorship in the 70s.

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