Reforming The U.S. Tax Code

Tax reform is a critical part of citizenship. Taxes including the payment of and reformation of are both requirements of citizenship. Did you know that a civic responsibility means “exercising your franchise” at every election? This simply means being sure to cast your vote on the local, state and national levels whenever you have a chance to do so.

How can voting (which is entirely optional) be considered a civic responsibility? Citizens of the United States are all part of a participatory government. They have rights protected under their Constitution, but that same document also outlines how they should participate in their government as well. This includes the payment of taxes and the casting of ballots in order to put the appropriate representatives into government offices. This is the essence of civic responsibility, which is completely different from personal responsibility.

To help draw a very clear distinction between civic and personal responsibility, it helps to use the following example. A responsibility is usually something that is self-imposed, and as a citizen you can then figure out which sorts of activities are responsibilities of that particular “role”. For example, it is a civic responsibility to bear witness to a crime, serve on a jury, etc. All civic duties will always have some sort of impact on the common good.

Personal responsibility, on the other hand, may have little to do with the common good. For example, you are personally responsible for your bills or financial commitments, and whether you meet these responsibilities will have very little effect on the common good.

What are the obligations of citizenship? There are no written rules by which any American citizen can determine the answer to such a question, but the unwritten rules are quite simple: obey all laws, vote in all elections, and pay taxes accordingly.

While all three are a bit more complex than many realize, it is actually the second one (voting in all elections) that is the most difficult. This is because it asks the individual to make themselves well informed about all civic affairs. They have to know the major political issues connected to an election, they have to make a point of getting to know a bit about the candidates, and they also have to find out where the candidate might “stand” on the issues that are most relevant to the voter. This takes time and a bit of research, but it is also a way for the individual citizen to be able to vote in the most responsible way imaginable.

Apart from observing laws, paying taxes, and voting, we know that serving on a jury and being willing to serve in the military are also part of the duties and obligations of citizenship as well.

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