10 interesting personal essay topics

Writing an interesting personal essay should be the easiest thing that you ever do. If you lack a certain level of creativity then here is a list of ten great essay topics that you can use in order to write a personal essay that will get you admitted to the school or program of your dreams.

  1. The bravest moment in your life- This will give you the opportunity to show that you have courage and understand what it means to face adversity and still be successful.
  2. A difficult choice you have made- This will allow you to display a keen ability to make decisions and be wise. Show how others benefitted from your choice. Put others first.
  3. A failure you experienced- This will not only show that you have faced adversity, but that you used an initial failure as a stepping stone to ultimate success. Don’t just write about the failure or they will think you are a loser.
  4. The moment your life changed forever- This topic allows you to display a broad perspective that is full of depth and understanding. Always have your life change for the best in the end.
  5. How money matters in your life- This topic will give you the chance to show that your character is not that of a greedy person. You can show how money and giving can help other people. Always write about how your experience benefited others.
  6. A book that has changed your life- Shows that you have actually taken the time to read a book and experience it. Many just play video games.
  7. Your favorite time with family-Showing that family is an important part of your life, shows stability, character and your values. Family is supposed to be important to everybody, so make them believe that your family is important to you. Create a positive time if one doesn’t exist.
  8. If you could change one thing about yourself- This shows that you have done some self reflecting and you should make it a false negative change. For example, I would try to work less and have some time for myself.
  9. How you would spend a million dollars- This is another chance to show how giving a person you are. Even if it isn’t true, explain in the essay how you would give all of it away. It isn’t a real million, and if you find a million dollars, then by all means spend it on yourself.
  10. How you and your best friend met- This will show that you have the ability to make a friend and value someone as a person because they bring something into your life. The ability to make friends is a positive and makes for interesting writing as you portray all of your strengths subtly through the narrative of your life.

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