A List Of Good Essay Topics For Eighth Grade Students

Students who are in the eighth grade are about to enter into high school and need a challenge. It is not enough for them to write an essay of one or two paragraphs. Instead, they need to be writing five paragraphs or more. It requires a teacher to dig up some good topics for these young adolescents to sink their teeth into. There are number of subjects that an eighth grade students can handle quite well.

  • You are sent back 100 years in time. What skills do you have which would help you then?
  • Is there anything good about the human race? What qualities would those be?
  • Do you think the Internet is really helpful and if so, what are the benefits?
  • What would life be without laws? What are the good things and the bad things?
  • If you are traveling to a foreign country where would you want to go? What would people be like that you meet?
  • Is war necessary? Explain your reasoning for or against the necessity.
  • When is it right to judge somebody?
  • Should students be allowed to vote in local elections? Explain your reasons.
  • If you had a chance to interview a famous person from history who is the individual and what three questions would you ask this person?
  • Should we send food to people starving in foreign countries when it is possible they will be hungry again later on?
  • What you think life is going to be like 50 years from now? Give three examples.
  • Let us suppose that there really are ghosts. What reasons would the shadows have for staying with us? Give at least four reasons.
  • Do you think your opinion of drugs would change if you worked in a hospital? Give at least three reasons.
  • When is it right to kill an animal? Provide at least three reasons to justify your answer.

These are the kind of topics that would interest students. They would encourage them to do a little research before writing the essay. Such questions also require a little bit of thought and that is important. Eighth grade is a transitional year. The young person is moving from middle school in the high school, and education in high school requires more analytical abilities. A teacher can help foster these skills by presenting writing subjects that require more than a knee-jerk reaction in print. With the right essay topic a student can grow intellectually at a very important point in his or her life.

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