The Mechanisms of a Central Heating System in Franklin TN

A central heating system is a mechanism that is designed to provide warmth to the interior parts of a building in order to control the building climate. This mechanism is referred to as the Heating Ventilation and Air.

Conditioning (HVAC) system. The heat generation of a central heating system occurs in one place such as a mechanical room or a furnace room. Heat generation involves the burning of fossil fuel in a boiler or furnace which is eventually distributed through a duct by a forced-air or a steam spread through pipes or by the circulation of water through pipes. The Heating System in Franklin TN enables you to install and use this central heating system in an easier way.

Central heating systems can also be generated through district heating, gas heaters or oil-fired systems such as coal. The electrical heating system is less commonly used due to the high consumption of electricity. There are three modern central heating systems that were developed in the mid 19th century. These systems include the steam, the hot air and the hot water central heating systems.

The hot air central system

This mechanism involves a large stove that was used to heat air brought by a large underground passage from the outside. By the use of the large ducts, the hot air was ventilated into the buildings. This mechanism was largely used in hospital buildings which enabled the patients to breathe fresh heated air. It also provided a refreshing circulation of air in toilets.

The hot water circulation system

The hot water circulation systems are heated water pipes that distribute the heat into a building. The following are components that use the hot water circulation in a central heating system.

  • The heat exchanger or the boiler which heats water in an enclosed system.
  • The circulation of hot water through pumps.
  • The radiator which distributes heat into houses or buildings through the heated water that passes through the panels which are mounted on the wall.
  • The gas supply tanks that include a propane tank.

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