Basic writing rules on how to write an APA research paper

Writing an APA research paper requires great note taking and a creative thesis. When you start your research, you might begin with the internet, as it is a vast resource and contains a wealth of knowledge perfect for writing any paper. As you use the internet in lieu of a traditional library search, remember that you have to think more critically and act more carefully than you would were you in a library setting.

Skim the list below and see what topics inspire you:

  • Do television shows about being 16 and pregnant discourage teenage pregnancy or does the glory and fame given to these children promote teen pregnancy?
  • Should parents allow small children to play violent sports?
  • Should colleges divert funding for wellness programs rather than sports?
  • When is military force justified?
  • Do apps waste time or help people?
  • Do parents promote different standards for sons versus daughters?
  • Are schools designed to promote girls and hinder boys? Consider the fact that boys are often more tactile learners who need time playing and yet are stunted in school and forced to sit for long periods of time without actively doing anything physical.
After you pick your topic you need to begin research for it.

Printed resources that are found in a library have already been thoroughly evaluated by experts prior to being published. This is especially true for “peer reviewed” articles that are often required resources for a research or scientific paper. This is what makes the difference between something published in a quarterly professional publication versus a popular social magazine. Furthermore, the books and material that are saved in an academic library system have been systematically and painstakingly cataloged and cross referenced which ensures that the content is organized and searchable around the world.

The internet, on the other hand, is free and open to all. Anyone can put anything online without going through a screening process or having to adhere to previously agreed upon standards. Nothing needs to be cross referenced. This is both the greatest characteristic and the biggest downfall of the internet, particularly when it comes to academic work. This means that as a student, you must be careful and pay close attention to what you are reviewing. You have to narrow down your search material to the solid academic resources online including the websites established by universities and scientific organizations.

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